The Kidnapping of Rudy and Rennie North by April Parks, Professional Guardian

I am shocked and angered every time I hear about another kidnapping of senior citizens right out of their homes. And because my own mother was kidnapped the same way by another woman, Mary Giordano, an elder care attorney and guardian, I know each story is true. I also know each of these illegal kidnappings are done with the blessings of a judge, which somehow makes it “legal.” Is it legal? Of course not. Remember, a judge is only a lawyer who put on a robe; someone who was nominated and voted to the bench by other lawyers and citizens, many who contributed to their campaign funds. However, they are given unprecedented power to destroy people’s lives. I continually pray that someone who has power and a conscience in this country finally does something to stop this modern-day Holocaust.    

Update: The video has been temporarily removed.    

as told to Diane Wilson by Julie Lynn Belshe

On August 30, 2013, April Parks, a “professional guardian” in Boulder City, Nevada, kidnapped Rudy and Rennie North from their home in Nevada. They had no idea this was happening. Their only daughter, Julie Lynn Belshe knew nothing about this. She was in daily contact with her parents and visited often, along with her husband and children. No lawyers were involved, they never went to court, they did not receive any phone calls from any lawyers, there were no letters or court documents sent to their home.

This woman, April Parks, who identified herself as an officer of the court, showed up at their home one day with an entourage of other people. According to Julie’s parents, April Parks and the others told them  “We have an emergency order to remove you from your home. You have three choices; we can call the police and you will go to jail; you can come to Lakeview Terrace (assisted living facility) in Boulder City and stay there; you can be placed in a psychiatric ward.” Her mother started crying and told them to leave her home; her father was very worried about his wife who is ill and said they would go to Lakeview. April Parks told her mother “Don’t worry, you are only going there to rest for three weeks.” They were then put in a car and taken away.

The house they were living in was emptied of all of their personal belongings, allegedly stolen by the guardian. Many items were also discarded which their daughter found in trash bins. The money in their bank accounts was allegedly stolen by April Parks, along with their identity; licenses, credit cards and social security cards. Court hearings were held and all court documents were fabricated with a host of lies, including the story that the daughter was an “addict.” Julie spoke up in court but said that the judge ignored everything she said. According to information given to Julie by other sources, the judge and guardian already have a large number of complaints filed against them.

Rudy and Rennie told Julie that they found out later that the hospice worker who was caring for Rennie divulged all of their personal information to April Parks, which was illegal and a total violation of their HIPAA rights.

To this day, they remain imprisoned in this facility, held against their will. Their story goes much deeper. More to be revealed soon…..

Watch their story below and hear them tell it in their own words….

About Diane Wilson

Guardianship must be abolished. This draconian law strips human beings of their civil and humanitarian rights. It is used as a method to dispose of the elderly and disabled, steal their estates, and isolate them from their loved ones.

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  1. Start a petition on and have an attorney draft it. Get 100,000 signatures. Get AP behind bars and your parents safe.

  2. What can be done at this time? There must be something !

  3. This is supposed to be the “Home of the Brave and The Land of The Free” Who are they kidding! At every level in my opinion legal guardianship is corrupt!!

  4. Please understand that this is ripping at the souls of my Parents. They’re absolutely terrified and frightened at the prospect of a life of slavery and imprisonment under this woman. They have their good days and bad days. They keep telling me it looks like it’s turning into a nursing home and they don’t belong there. There are very sick people there. April Parks, their legal guardian, as far as I know never had a mini mental test done; nor did she even bother to reach out to our family. So how were they diagnosed as incapacitated? They do not need her at all! I am their only surviving child. I have been married for 26 years and have 3 teenage boys that adore their grandparents. We’re a very close family. A doctor by the name of Dr. Basu started all of this by writing a letter to the Public Guardian, Kathleen Buchanan. It was a complete fabrication of lies. Two weeks before my parents were kidnapped she went to “visit” my parents home and carefully looked at their art collection. She had previously told my father how she wanted one particular piece of art when I was at her office with him.

    My husband and I have always been their emergency contacts. Also please note that in the court documents it states that my Mom was “in the end stages of leukemia and lymphoma.” This is totally false. Her oncologist, Dr. Gollard, has called me twice to confirm her appointments and advised me she is cancer free. Mom has also been removed from hospice. So why are they keeping my Parents now? Because April Parks told them “you are broke.” I will stand by my parents and fight for them and all the other victims of abusive guardianships.

    • Julie,

      I am so sorry for what you are going through. I cannot imagine any human being doing to another what April Parks has done to your parents. If they are broke now, it is stricly because of what April has done. She needs to pay them back every penny plus! I am so happy to hear that your mother is cancer free!!! Wonderul news! Now they must come home to live the life they and every other human being is entitled to…..and NOT a life of slavery under April Parks!!!

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    The Kidnapping of Rudy and Rennie North by April Parks, Professional Guardian

  6. I hope April spends the next 20 years in jail.

    • I agree Kevin. However, I do feel she should never be allowed to be anywhere in society ever again. What she is doing, and those who are helping her, are nothing but pure evil, who need to be stopped immediately.

  7. This makes me sick to my f ‘in stomach.. I literally almost vomited…

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    • Hi Joni,

      That is the same reaction I had when I heard about this! I felt so sick, so sad, it was such a surreal feeling. I cannot believe these people are still locked up there. No one will help! While you and I know how corrupt many of the lawyers and judges are in Nassau County, I can’t help but wonder if the entire state of Nevada is corrupt! From what I am hearing and reading, it appears to be. And worse yet, people that have power all over the country are not doing a thing about it! What is happening? Has America become Nazi Germany? It seems to be.

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