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Honor Hero, George W. Paxton Jr. Retired CWO III-Guardianship Victim

The abuses George Paxton suffered at the end of his life were so horrific that it is almost impossible to believe things like this happen in our country, the “Land of the Free.” His daughters, Lynne and Lorrie continue to suffer unconscionable judicial abuses by a team of lawyers so callous it is hard to believe they are actually human. As George stated right before he died, “fighting for his own freedom was much harder than any war he ever fought, Pearl Harbor, WWII, or the Korean War.”

George is right; fighting for your freedom from guardianship in a country where freedom is absolutely cherished is almost impossible. There are few that manage to get out from under this judicial nightmare of human trafficking. The judges and attorneys and “professional” guardians who descend upon these innocent victims are always and only in it for the money, but there is something much more sinister; they want to “own” humans. Guardianship is nothing but modern-day slavery. 

My mother desperately wanted her freedom from Mary Giordano, the elder care attorney from Franchina and Giordano who took away all of her rights, kidnapped her and incarcerated her against her will. Two months later she was dead. Her desperate cries for freedom still haunt me every waking moment.  

This is the unbelievable nightmare of guardianship.

by Candice Schwager

George W. Paxton, Jr. CWO3 (Ret) deceased, was one of the most honorable men of America’s Greatest Generation. He deserved the same respect and honor afforded our military heroes who sacrifice all so that we may be free. But he has yet to be afforded this honor by a corrupt system of lawyers and court appointed guardians who place no value of human life or the rights we hold dear under our Constitution.

George prepared for his golden years with the two daughters he cherished, grieving the loss of his beloved wife to Alzheimer’s, but hopeful for new chapter in life as he was reunited with the disabled daughter he believed deceased for 60 years. Secretly keeping Lynne’s baby clothes for 60 years, carrying the grief of losing her in a traumatic birth that deprived her of oxygen, George was overjoyed upon hearing that his daughter was alive, well and could leave the institution and come home with him.

With the help of his loving “daughter”, Lorrie, Lynne was released from a lifetime of isolation in favor of three bittersweet years with her loving family. Lorrie had just graduated from Nursing School Magna Cum Laude, but abandoned her Nursing Career to care for her sister, Lynne. This was no small task, as Lynne is quadriplegic and requires extensive care to every need. For the joy of having Lynne home, George and Lorrie retrofitted their home for Lynne and complied with every last condition for Lynne’s release. Assistive Technology devices helped Lynne blossom as she began to communicate with her newfound family and they realized that she was much more capable than others told them. After losing his wife of 30 years, this seemed the perfect happy ending. But for deplorable actions of George’s estranged daughter, Miriam, it would have been. Miriam is the wife of a prominent Radiologist in Jackson, Tennessee. Her relationship with George ended when she began a series of legal assaults against him and Lorrie, with 3 applications to have him deemed incompetent and 4 lawsuits against him and/or Lorrie.

Her estrangement from George was entirely her making, with threats to bankrupt George if he refused her demands to institutionalize his wife and Lynne and make no provision for Lynne in his will. George’s will was changed to provide 75% of his estate to Lynn, established a special needs trust, designating Lorrie as guardian. The other 25% was to be given to Shriner’s to help crippled and burned children. The will expressly stated that Miriam and George’s stepsons would receive only $1 if they challenged any aspect of his will. He prohibited them from having any input on Lynne.

George tried to protect Lorrie and Lynn from Miriam’s relentless legal assaults with 20 lawyers and court appointed guardians/investigators, but was exhausted and ultimately, unable to withstand the stress of the fight at age 92. He gave up, telling Lorrie “Honey, it’s over. I’m tired.” In response to Lorrie taking him to the hospital for care, he was placed on a gurney, where he was chemically and physically restrained with hands tied and an armed guard at this side. His doctor ran to assist him and demanded that Adult Protective Services be called, with George desperate to just be permitted to go home and die. APS investigated, leading to his return home, but his fate was sealed by the appointment of Ron Bloxom as his guardian. Bloxom fired all of his treating physicians and the hospice team in place in favor of hiring his own hospice provider and doctors willing to comply with their requests. Bloxom’s status as Chairman of VNA translated into dollars for Bloxom’s unethical decision, which hardly raised an eyebrow.

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