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TX Family Not Notified About Father’s Death Until a Month Later

Why would a guardian NOT notify the family that the person they are “protecting” was dead? Because according to the guardian the “law” does not require them to do so.

It is past the time to abolish the archaic for profit only guardianship program. People who line their pockets by picking those of the elderly and disabled are nothing more than a gang of thieves “legally” appointed and approved by the courts.

Click link below to see the story and video

A family was stunned to learn that their father had been dead and buried for a month after they recently paid a visit to the La Porte Healthcare Center where he was staying. “I said, ‘I’m here to see my father, George Howard,'” Georgia Robinson said in an interview with KHOU 11 News. “She (the nurse) said George Howard passed over a month ago. At that point I just fell against the wall and went to screaming.” Howard was in the Harris County guardianship program due to mental illness.


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