Hopes and Dreams from PS 52 –Queens, NY

As I was working through Mom’s files today, I came across her school autograph book from PS 52 Queens; date of graduation January 25, 1938. Mr. Berkowitz was the principal.

The book opens with:

My Album’s open!
Come and See!
Won’t you waste a line on me!

And it was signed “Dorothy Maxwell”

It was so interesting to read the short poems, feel the innocence of that time and “see” my Mom as a young girl, with all the hopes and dreams of the future.

Her friend Lauretta Beutner wrote:

May this life bring you all the happiness you can stand and only enough sorrow to show you the difference.

On July 27, 1939 Earline Hale wrote:

Do all the good you can
In every way you can
To all the people you can
As long as ever you can

Her classmate John Stolecki (?) wrote:

Look on the bright side of things
And the shadows will fall behind

And her friend Marion gave her sage advice:

When you get married and your husband is cross
Pick up the broom and say “I’m the Boss”

Needless to say, the tears started flowing as I relived the last years of her life. And I started thinking about all the other victims of this country’s shameful Holocaust.

I can’t help but wonder, did Mary Giordano have an autograph book from her school days? Did she have friends and hopes and dreams?

Did April Parks, kidnapper of Julie Lynn Belshe’s parents have one?

Did anyone in the Department of Chemung County Social Services–who are holding Gary Harvey hostage and refusing to allow his own wife Sara, to see him–have hopes and dreams? Do any of them have husbands or wives that they would do this to?

Did Judge Kennedy– who ruined the lives of Danny Tate and Ginger Franklin and countless others–ever play as a child? Did he have hopes or dreams of growing up and being a good guy?

Did George Esernio–guardian of Joan Pezzollo’s mother, who has isolated Joan and her children from her mother for years–ever play as a child and go to school and dream of some day getting a good job and making people happy?

Do any of these people have any comprehension of what they have done and what they are doing and the legacy they are leaving behind? Do they have any idea that the destruction of one person’s life affects the family and friends and loved ones of that person and all future generations–the grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren–as they learn about how their ancestors were kidnapped and imprisoned and drugged and dehydrated and starved and isolated, and how their estates were looted by corrupt and unscrupulous members of the “legal” profession?

When my grandchildren get older, they will learn about what happened to Great-Grandma. They will read her story and watch her videos and read her letters begging everyone and anyone for help. They will hear the recordings of her crying and begging and pleading to go home. They will see how Senators and Congressmen refused to help, how the media shunned her story.

I simply cannot comprehend how one human being can hurt another. I will continue to work hard, like all of the other elder advocates out there, to save the elderly from the same fate my own mother suffered, so I can tell my grandchildren I never gave up the fight for justice. I want them to be proud of me.

Will you join me?

God Bless us all






About Diane Wilson

Guardianship must be abolished. This draconian law strips human beings of their civil and humanitarian rights. It is used as a method to dispose of the elderly and disabled, steal their estates, and isolate them from their loved ones.

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  1. Hi my friend Diane,
    It really warmed my heart when you wrote back to me. It choked me up because of the unique issues we have in common that create a special bond between us and others who have had to endure a tragedy so incomprehsible, words can not define it. The opportunity to share this pain, loneliness, and grief with those who truely “understand” brings a degree of of comfort and solace impossible to find anywhere else. Sometimes…it’s all I have to help keep my general sanity because the disbelief under these circumstances is such an ongoing burden. Closure is not and option for me as she is still alive, therefore I deny this is even happening, or that humans would do this to other humans only out of pure GREED, simply blows my mind 24/7. Anyway, I KNOW that YOU KNOW where I’m coming from so I thank you so deeply for your loving kindness. It’s been a very, very lonely journey sometimes, hasn’t it? Thanks again for being ther for me with the warmest of hearts my loving friend…Daniel

  2. With your help and and all the people who are supporting us I know that these low lifes will get what they deserve..

  3. My God Diane… I really understand where you’re coming from… It’s like every single day I have to ask myself how is it possible people can purposely do these outragously unbelievable acts of blatent undeniable torture to other human beings?!!! It is incomprehensible to me when considering these evil people could be capable of doing this since they have families themselves… All the memories I have with my beloved Patricia, and now I can’t even call her which I want to do 24/7. I”ve seen the guardian’s facebook page. She has kids and grandkids. She is thoroughly aware how much Patricia and I Love each other, yet her, DCF and the owner of the care home, are all so FULL OF LIES, LIES, LIES!!! They are very heartless and cold in their tone to me; threatening to call the police again with MORE LIES! Meanwhile, My Beloved lives in isolation, likely feeling totally abandoned by now. It is one huge ongoing nightmare for her and me compounded by the fact we can’t be there for each other. I have to fight off losing control/anger and suicide as well. The truth about what is taking place just simply CAN’T be true. But it is indeed the NIGHTMARE of ALL NIGHTMARES! Isn’t it? I hold your hand with deep heartfelt empathy Diane. Thanks for your devotion to help so many others as you try to heal from an often bottemless wound. I’m still working on my story. It’s quite lengthy with so many twists and turns. So many laws broken and (or) disregarded. At the same time, I’m trying to put my life back together. It’s such a draining experience. when you read it you’ll know why it has taken so long. Just for interests sake, google Teri St. Hilaire and read the ‘full article and source” along with the comments from either story. She’s the guardian who kidnapped Patricia. She’s been at this a very long time and needs to get a life sentence for all the lives she’s destroyed. I’ll talk to you soon. Let’s stay strong, okay. Daniel Feb 22, 2014 at 8:12 PM

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for reading Mom’s site and commenting. I am so sorry for what you are going through and I look forward to reading your story. I will post it here when it comes out.

      Hopefully we will talk soon.

      Sending you much love and healing …


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