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Kidnapping of the Elderly

Kidnapping of the elderly is all too commonplace and is happening all over the country, right in your own neighborhood. None of the protective agencies put in place will intervene; filing complaints will only result in findings of no wrongdoing. If we don’t all do something now, they will be ringing your doorbell next, stripping you of your rights, stealing your home and all of your personal possessions. I know; it happened to my Mom.  Mary Giordano, of Franchina and Giordano Law Firm in Garden City, NY, went to my Mom’s home in Massapequa, NY, rang her doorbell, and told Mom she needed to go to the hospital for a “health” issue. But she didn’t take Mom to the hospital; instead Mom was transported to Meadowbrook Nursing Home in Freeport and locked up against her will, frightened and alone. Two months later, she was dead.    

The story listed below is a tale of another elderly woman kidnapped in Florida. There are thousands of these stories. We need to act now before it is too late…..      

Welcome to My Family’s Nightmare

What you are about to read will hopefully alert you to the very real risk of having a family member literally kidnapped by a “guardianship” program even though your legal documents and end of life wishes are in order. The “experts/professionals” who push the papers (social workers, mental health professionals, abuse investigators, and the agents of the guardianship programs) are able to strip you of your life, assets, and freedom by the lack of interest of individuals working in a system that goes unchallenged for its blatant disregard of the legislative intent of laws designed to protect the elderly. The paternalistic attitude of these individuals toward our seniors of knowing what is in their “best interests” is placing the elderly in even more peril as the tentacles of Nursing Home Industrial/Complex continue to expand and devour the lives and assets of our most vulnerable citizens.

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