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Judge Gerard Maney


Albany County Sheriff's Department (New York)

Albany County Sheriff’s Department (New York) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is Judge Gerard Maney of Albany, NY an Il Duce Wannabee, arrogant and a certified lush?

Judge Gerard Maney unfortunately sits as a Family Court Judge in Albany, New York since 1991.
On June 18, 2009, after consuming alcoholic beverages at a private club in Albany County, Judge Maney drove his car while under the influence of alcohol (DUI). At about 8:30 PM, as Judge Maney’s car approached the Green Island Bridge, where local police were operating a sobriety checkpoint. Maney then made an illegal U-turn in an attempt to avoid the checkpoint.
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How A New York Agency Handled Some Judges Trouble

A Sex Joke and Other Judicial Bad Behavior

One judge who was driving drunk led the police on a half-mile chase, and when he was pulled over, asked for “professional courtesy.”

Another said “good boy” when a man who wanted to file a lawsuit made an insulting comment about Jews.

A third repeatedly jailed people without any trial and talked at length from the bench about how the decoration on a woman’s T-shirt made him think of a male sex organ. “I’m bringing down the house,” said the judge, Gilbert L. Abramson of Family Court in Saratoga County, evidently delighted with his own humor.

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