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Is This Legal Collusion?

by Diane Wilson

October 8, 2012

The very sad story of SungEun Grace Lee’s terminal illness has been in quite a few newspapers the last few days.  Ms. Lee is currently in North Shore Hospital in Manhasset, on a feeding tube and other means of life support, the result of a brainstem tumor.

 Back in September, her father went to court in Nassau County because he feared that the hospital would make the decision to take her off life support. According to the family, removing her from life support “would be against the religious principles of his family and church”; her brother, Paul Lee, claimed it was also “against his sister’s personal beliefs.” Ms. Lee made the decision that she wanted to be removed from life support; it is now being played out in court.

I felt so sad when I read about this family’s legal battle; however I was shocked when I found out who the attorneys were that were involved in this case; Mary Giordano of Franchina and Giordano in Garden City, NY, and David Smith.   

Those of you who have been following my story about my mother have read that the court appointed “law” guardian was Mary Giordano, of Franchina and Giordano in Garden City, NY. If you recall, Mary Giordano refused to allow my Mom to live in my home with me, where she wanted to live and where I was willing and able to care for her 24/7; instead she kidnapped her from her home in Massapequa and locked her up against her will in a nursing home. There were so many other instances during the three year long court battle where Mary took away Mom’s rights to be with her family. So imagine my surprise when I read that Mary is fighting for the parents of Ms. Lee to allow them to make her medical decisions. What exactly does Mary Giordano believe in? If Mary Giordano believes that family has the right to care for their loved ones and make decisions for their loved ones, then why did she work with Judge Asarch and Anne Recht, the geriatric care manager, to remove the healthcare proxy I had for my mother, which were her wishes? Does Mary Giordano believe that families should be able to make medical decisions for other family members when they are unable to do so themselves or are her beliefs based on how much money is in it for her?

When I read that David Smith was the court appointed attorney for Ms. Lee, I was even more surprised. David Smith is Mary Giordano’s personal lawyer. She hired him to represent her when she started her smear campaign against me in order to stop my visitation with my Mom. Mary Giordano was angry that Mom’s attorney, Josephine Loizzo, sent a letter to Judge Asarch stating that Anne Recht and Mary Giordano were violating Mom’s HIPAA rights by forcing her to disrobe in front of Anne Recht during her doctor visits. Ms. Loizzo also requested that Judge Asarch remove Mary Giordano as guardian and Anne Recht as geriatric care manager. However, Judge Asarch refused to remove them.   

In this high-profile case, Mary Giordano is representing the family and David Smith is representing the opposing side, Ms. Lee. Did Mary Giordano disclose to the Lee family, who hired her, that David Smith, their daughter’s court appointed lawyer is actually her personal lawyer as well? If I were to hire a lawyer, I would expect that lawyer to disclose the fact that the lawyer for the opposing party represented her or him on a personal basis as well. It would then give me the opportunity to determine if I felt I would be represented fairly. In my opinion, this is illegal, or at the very least, a violation of ethics.

BREAKING NEWS!! Another Victim of Franchina and Giordano, PC

by Diane Wilson

August 20, 2012

It seems that my Mom, Dorothy Wilson, was not the only one kidnapped by Mary Giordano, of the law firm of Franchina and Giordano in Garden City, NY!! AND Judge Joel Asarch was the judge in this case as well, along with Anne Recht as the geriatric “care” manager!  How many other victims are out there?

This is what I was told by Kevin, Richard Maas’s grandson: 

Kevin told me that he was living with his grandfather in his grandfather’s house, but once Mary Giordano took over as guardian, he was forced to move out. He told me his grandfather made sure that he would always have enough money to live in his own home for the rest of his life and NOT in a nursing home. Once Mary and Anne got involved, an aide was placed in there 24/7. One day, Kevin called his grandfather and the aide answered the phone. He told the aide he was coming over to visit his grandfather and received SHOCKING NEWS. She told him that Mary Giordano was at the house moving his grandfather into a nursing home!!  Mary Giordano NEVER notified any family member that she was doing this.

Richard Maas begged his grandson Kevin to get him out of the nursing home and take him home. He said his grandfather did NOT acclimate well in the nursing home as Mary Giordano said he did. Kevin told me he fought hard to get his grandfather back home, spending thousands of dollars in attorney fees, but to no avail. According to Kevin, Judge Asarch said the move was “not handled properly” but allowed Mary Giordano to do it anyway! Then Mary Giordano sold his  grandfather’s house! 

When I told Kevin the details of Mom’s story and asked him why he didn’t post his story, he said “because no one in charge cared.” I told him I cared, and so do hundreds of thousands of other decent, law-abiding citizens.

Kevin’s story is long and heartbreaking. These stories are never about justice, they are always about the money…..more to come…..   

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