Geriatric Care Managers

Geriatric Care Managers

AMRecht Assoc Inc

For three years after my Dad passed, I took care of my Mom’s health care needs and took her to all of her doctor appointments. I took care of all of her medication needs. 

Judge Joel Asarch appointed Anne Recht, a geriatric care manager for my Mom after I applied for guardianship. I was no longer allowed to take Mom to her doctor appointments even though that was what Mom wanted. Mom’s HIPAA rights were consistently violated by both Anne Recht and Mom’s “law” guardian, Mary Giordano, of Franchina and Giordano in Garden City.

Anne Recht insisted that only a “nurse” was allowed to pick up Mom’s medications and put them in her pill box, at a cost to Mom of well over $12,000…something I was doing for free for my parents for years.    

My Mom told Anne Recht specifically that she did not want to go into assisted living or a nursing home under any circumstances; she wanted to live with me. Against Mom’s wishes, Anne worked in conjunction with Mary Giordano and Judge Joel Asarch to incarcerate Mom against her will in an assisted living facility in November 2010 for a period of 30 days.  When Mom’s money was  gone, Anne Recht “recommended” that Mom be placed in a nursing home against her will, rather than live with me. Anne Recht claimed that “Diane does not understand what her Mom’s medical needs are.”

Perhaps using a geriatric care manager has worked well for some. Unfortunately, my experience was horrific. The number of aides that were paraded in and out of Mom’s house for over two years at the whim of Anne Recht contributed to Mom’s ever increasing unhappiness and depression. Mom had to live with these people whether she liked them or not. Her feelings and requests were NEVER taken into consideration. One time I was kicked out of Mom’s house by Anne Recht when yet another new aide was placed there. Mom was crying and begging me to stay, hysterically clinging to my arm, while Anne Recht shut the door on me and yelled at Mom telling her she had to accept these people whether she liked it or not. I was horrified but forced to leave under the threat that she was in charge and I had no say. Due to the fact that Anne Recht worked in conjunction with Mary Giordano, the “law” guardian, Anne Recht was allowed to do whatever she wanted to my Mom.

After my experience with a geriatric health care manager, I would never recommend using one.

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  1. Anne recht did a lot of terrible things to my grandfather also. She allowed him to suffer and die in a nursing home without hospice or palative care she’s a disgrace , there were over ten occasions when my aunt and I called her to get grandpa the proper care and each time she lied saying she’s working on it or it’s happening. She also would not allow the nursing home staff to tell me how grandpa was doing when he was sick. She is uncaring and a pathological lier she has no right to work with sick and elderly people

  2. Your experience was troubling & reflects poorly on geriatric care managers who are well trained, ethical, & work closely with the family to ensure the best care solution. Professional geriatric care managers are members of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM), Membership assures families that members have been vetted, their background & references have been carefully reviewed, they have appropriate training, they maintain their license / credentialing (certification).

    Anne Recht is not a member of NAPGCM.

    • Ag, thank you for your response to my story about my experiences with a geriatric care manager. Because of my experience with Anne Recht I very strongly advise everyone I meet to stay away from people connected to this field.

      Troubling? It went beyond that. Anne Recht, Mary Giordano, and Judge Joel Asarch worked together, in my opinion, to destroy the lives of the elderly/ disabled victims that had the bad luck of having their cases put in front of this trio. What Mom and I went through was wrong, on every level. Anne Recht even threatened my mother with the police, knowing full well that my mother was afraid of the police and would not speak with them.

      I am sure there are good, honest ones out there that are not corrupt. And to those I tip my hat for a job well done. However, based on my own horrific experience I could never honestly recommend a geriatric care manger under any cicumstances.

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