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Another Elderly Victim of Judge Joel Asarch

When I read this story posted by an anonymous person regarding the former Judge Joel Asarch, it sounded just too familiar. Asarch appointed a guardian and a geriatric care manager who “squandered tens of thousands of dollars” of her mother’s money “in added legal fees as well as not taking common-sense steps to protect her assets”… 

This was their MO, this is how they did business… this is what they did to my Mom, Kevin Kelly’s grandfather and many others that I am aware of. Joel Asarch is now deceased. Will it end with his death? Or are there other judges in Nassau county that will continue this same practice of abuse of the elderly, allowing corrupt attorneys and geriatric care managers to destroy the lives of innocent people so they can line their own pockets with the hard-earned money and assets of people they are supposed to protect?      

Joel Asarch has caused irreparable physical, emotional and financial damage to my family in our mother’s Guardianship case as a direct result of his lack of integrity and lack of compassion. It isn’t too far a stretch to imagine that when he saw there were substantial assets belonging to my mother, who had recently been widowed and is completely incapacitated due to dementia, he saw an opportunity to exploit our family – to “share the wealth” with his friends and cronies, perhaps people he owes favors to or who might have something to offer him in exchange. We all know politics is rife with corruption. I had naively believed that the judicial system might still have good guys. Had my mother been left without a sizeable estate to support her, I have no doubt that my sister and I would be her Guardians, as we have petitioned. I am an RN, living within a ten minute drive from my mother, and my sister is a successful businesswoman. Legal precedent states that when a family member or members are willing and able to care for an incapacitated relative, the court is mandated to award guardianship to the family member(s). Joel Asarch has opted instead to appoint an Independent Guardian (a lawyer) and a Geriatric Care Manager to control my mother’s person and possessions. They have squandered tens of thousands of dollars of my mother’s money in added legal fees as well as not taking common-sense steps to protect her assets; Even more painful to my sister and I is that they failed to provide the protection my mother needed when in a dangerous situation, despite my having left several messages in their voice mail warning them of the situation.

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