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Judge Gerard Maney


Albany County Sheriff's Department (New York)

Albany County Sheriff’s Department (New York) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is Judge Gerard Maney of Albany, NY an Il Duce Wannabee, arrogant and a certified lush?

Judge Gerard Maney unfortunately sits as a Family Court Judge in Albany, New York since 1991.
On June 18, 2009, after consuming alcoholic beverages at a private club in Albany County, Judge Maney drove his car while under the influence of alcohol (DUI). At about 8:30 PM, as Judge Maney’s car approached the Green Island Bridge, where local police were operating a sobriety checkpoint. Maney then made an illegal U-turn in an attempt to avoid the checkpoint.
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How A New York Agency Handled Some Judges Trouble

A Sex Joke and Other Judicial Bad Behavior

One judge who was driving drunk led the police on a half-mile chase, and when he was pulled over, asked for “professional courtesy.”

Another said “good boy” when a man who wanted to file a lawsuit made an insulting comment about Jews.

A third repeatedly jailed people without any trial and talked at length from the bench about how the decoration on a woman’s T-shirt made him think of a male sex organ. “I’m bringing down the house,” said the judge, Gilbert L. Abramson of Family Court in Saratoga County, evidently delighted with his own humor.

Elder abuse in residential care: Isolation at Villa Fontana in San Jose, CA

Gisela Riordan’s eighty-fourth birthday was April 27.  To celebrate the day, she was allowed a one-hour supervised visit with her son, Marcus Riordan.  

Gisela was not convicted of a crime.  She was not in prison.  Gisela lives at Villa Fontana, a residential care facility in San Jose, CA. 

Villa Fontana allowed Gisela allowed only three visits with Marcus in the past two years.  The previous visit a year ago lasted just a few minutes, Marcus said…..

Another horrific story of elder abuse at the hands of an abusive guardian….

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