Meet Joan, Another Victim of the Legal System…One of Judge Asarch’s Last Abused Citizens—Part Four


This article is the fourth in a series about the guardianship and judicial abuse of Marilyn Ingrasani. When a stranger, a woman by the name of Rachel Jones wove her way into Joan Pezzollo’s family, Joan was unaware of the sinister twists and turns it would take. She believed that if she hired an attorney and went to court that anyone could easily see through the lies and manipulation that were taking place. She had no idea that these professionals would all play an active role in the continuing unfolding drama and destruction of Marilyn. Four years later Joan is still desperately trying to save her mother.

By Joan Pezzollo

“I was at such a loss while Rachel was living in Mom’s home. I had exhausted all of my legal options and almost $100,000 of my own money trying to fight this woman and get her out. My lawyer and I were researching every other angle and coming up blank. While we knew everything that was going on was illegal, when the judge is corrupt, as it appears Judge Joel Asarch was, your arguments just fall on deaf ears. You are at the mercy of every single one of his decisions, no matter how wrong they are. A judge is only a lawyer wearing a robe that has been given extraordinary powers to destroy people’s lives; many lawyers are quite skilled at manipulating the truth.

I asked the private investigator I hired to watch Mom’s house and find out what was going on. The report was shocking, to say the least. What he uncovered appeared to show that her house was being used as a pickup and drop off point for buying drugs. There were strangers going in and out of her home at all hours of the day and night, yet my children and myself were “banned” from visiting! The house was always dark and the windows were boarded up. Why? My mother never lived like that before. And why wasn’t Virginia Belling, of Senior Placement Services in Massapequa watching out for my mother? After all, the late Judge Joel Asarch appointed her to “watch out for Mom’s needs.” And where was George Esernio of Albanese and Albanese in Garden City, NY? He was the guardian appointed by Asarch to “care” for Mom. And what about the police? They were not the least bit interested in what was uncovered by this report and the welfare and safety of an elderly, incapacitated woman. I was told that law enforcement will not do anything when there is a guardianship and a judge and attorney involved. What makes people think that judges and attorneys are above the law? They are supposed to uphold it, but from what I have seen, more often than not they are the ones guilty of breaking and abusing the law.

I gave this report to my attorney. He gave copies to everyone involved including Judge Asarch. And their response? They ignored it, just like every other piece of evidence I brought before them.

Next—Shocking confessions


About Diane Wilson

Guardianship must be abolished. This draconian law strips human beings of their civil and humanitarian rights. It is used as a method to dispose of the elderly and disabled, steal their estates, and isolate them from their loved ones.

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  1. Dear Diane,
    Thank you for your kind response. It has been two years since AAA told my dad he was “going out to lunch” only to abandon him at a nursing home. I am grateful that he appears to be well cared for there. Now that he is settled, and probably no longer knows me, I’m going to let things be. My only sibling is dead, and my mother wants nothing more to do with me. The only way I can get on with living is to let this go, and KNOW that in God’s eyes, no one got away with anything. Payday someday.
    Best wishes, and love to your family as well–
    Christie Beard

  2. Dr. Gene Pezzollo

    My wife is a saint. She is loyal to the core, loves her family unconditionally and will steadfastly defend those who are near and dear to her regardless of the consequences or personal sacrifice.
    All she intended to do was to defend, protect and care for her mother. Yet she is treated like a criminal while Joel Assarch, George Esernio, Virginia Belling and Joel Kaplan engaged in sanctioned elder abuse. I can’t begin to express the anger, frustration and helplessness that we have all experienced over the past four years or the contempt that I have for those who have maligned my wife while continuing to abuse my mother-in-law.

    • Yes, I agree. Joan and I met because we shared a similar fate, the unnecessary guardianship of our mothers and the resulting abuse and embezzlement of their estates at the hands of the very people we looked to for protection. She is a kind and honest person and I consider myself lucky to count her as a friend. She and your family have been through unnecessary hell due to the greed and callousness of those people who place no value on human life. If they are not already experiencing illness and loss and pain in their own lives, they will very soon. I am so sorry for what you are going through and pray for a swift end to this nightmare and justice for all of us.

      • Gene Pezzollo

        Thank you Diane. We deeply appreciate your understanding ,support and your friendship. It has been especially helpful for Joni to have someone that can truly empathize with this horrendous experience. Perhaps I am still being naïve but I firmly believe that we will all see justice in the end. I, for one, have no intention of letting this go.

  3. Go get ’em, folks. A Clearfield Co. judge in PA gave guardianship of my father to the Agency on Aging, who took him out of his home, away from his wife of 60 years and dumped him in a nursing home, in spite of the fact that his only “problem” is wandering. He is perfectly healthy and, I his daughter (an RN) and my husband (a hospice chaplain) offered to care for him in our own home here in FL. PA would rather deplete his savings and keep him from his loved ones than see him leave the state. We were lied to in court, by both the judge and the AAA. I do not have $5000 to try to get guardianship transferred to me, so he is going to die in that institution, separated from home and family.
    Now I hear there is a filial piety law that gives institutions the right to come after family members when the money runs out. I have appealed to everyone from the PA attorney general to the Dept. of Elder Affairs–no one gives a rat’s rear end. C.A.R.I.E. is the only group that got back to me, but any legislation they get passed will be too late for my poor father.
    First it was the Native Americans, then the Blacks, then the Japanese, now it’s the elderly. God help us all–get those POA/Advance Directives signed!!!!!!!!!

    • CJ,

      I am so so sorry for what these vile people have done to your father. You can file pro se to attempt to get guardianship and only pay filing fees. I will tell you that no matter how much money you spend they will try to continue to keep him locked up. Don’t ever give up trying and don’t ever give up hope. Be an advocate for the elderly. We all need to be before they come for us.

      The only success stories I have heard of are those who are either celebrities or those who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money and eventually the judge made a ruling to allow the family to have their loved one back. The laws are in place; the problem is the attorneys and judges do not abide by them and they manipulate the truth. Although I was willing and able to care for my mother 24/7, the guardian and the judge wanted to fill a nursing home bed and sell her house and her possessions before they would let me have her. And my siblings were in cahoots with the guardian by insisting that Mom be placed in a nursing home despite my mother’s protests. It was heartbreaking for my mother to know that two of her children wanted her locked away against her will.

      My mother’s court appointed GAL (guardian-ad-litem) Jamie Butchin, of Mental Health Legal Services in East Meadow, NY told me “It is my understanding that you will get your mother back when all of the money is gone.” There it is, the proof. All the attorneys/judges know this….it is a game to them to see how much money they can get and how much pain they can inflict on others.

      Please feel free to send me a private message through my facebook page SAVE Dorothy Wilson Legally Kidnapped. I will be glad to assist you.

      Much luck and love to you and your family.


  4. Joan Pezzollo

    This report from the private investigator also included many pictures which revealed all the people (mainly men alongside Rachel), who were using my mother’s car for their own illicit activity, not to mention abusing the car and breaking MANY laws while using it. They were seen driving in excess of 90 MPH, running stop signs, Red lights etc.. all while this vehicle was registered and insured under my mother’s name.

    • Joan,

      Every time we speak or text or e-mail you reveal more and more shocking details. To think how these attorneys and judges have jeopardized your mother for all of these years and subjected her to the dregs of society, the theft of more than $500,000 worth of jewelry, and living in squalor with no soap and toilet paper and no food in the refrigerator, all while they are helping themselves to hundreds of thousands of dollars of your Mom and Dad’s hard earned money. How can this be? It is mind blowing; and these are exactly the types of stories that the media refuses to report simply because it is the TRUTH. I am so sorry. We will see justice Joan, I promise you that. Please trust in the fact that there are many of us who truly do care. Sending you and your family many many prayers and hugs.

      • I can’t thank you enough Diane for all you have done to help me and this family. Before I met you I felt (and was), utterly ALONE.. it truly is inconceivable what these people have done to my mother, me and our family.. they are all in for a rude awakening when they start getting served….

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