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As NY shifts to for-profit nursing homes, abuse and neglect complaints spike

When the day comes that you can no longer care for a family member and/or loved one, nursing homes are where we usually have to place that person. We should be able to trust that they are in good hands and will receive the care the nursing home staff is being paid to give. Why, then, are all of the reports to the contrary? Why are the people who run them only concerned with the amount of money they make and not the care of their clients?

A company can only stay in business for the long term if they treat their customers well by providing quality products and good customer service. How is it then that when it comes to the actual care of a human being nursing homes do not meet those standards? 

“In the past year alone, several grisly cases of abuse and neglect have come to light in New York. In one case, a nurse’s aide at West Lawrence Care Center in Far Rockaway allegedly pummeled a bedridden 80-year-old, leaving her battered, black-eyed and ultimately hospitalized.”

Are these homes doing background checks on the people they hire? Apparently not, if something like this is happening.

In order to help prevent your loved ones from ending up in one of these horrific facilities, show them how to care for themselves. Teach them about nutrition and exercise and the right supplements to take. There are many alternative health care methods out there to help people live productive lives as they age.    

As NY shifts to for-profit nursing homes, abuse and neglect complaints spike

Family Protests Placing Elderly Woman In Assisted Living

Rachel Brown The Dalton Daily Citizen Wed Mar 27, 2013, 01:45 PM EDT

“Justice! We want justice! Free our grandmother! We want to take care of her!”

About 16 protesters outside the Whitfield County Courthouse Monday afternoon shouted and held signs to call attention to what they said was an unfair decision that resulted in an elderly family member being moved against her will into an assisted living facility.

Pam Akins said her mother-in-law, who is an Alzheimer’s patient, and the mother-in-law’s husband had lived with her and her husband, Marty, since October in their Dalton home. The Akins said caregivers sat with the older couple during the day when family members weren’t at home to watch them. Then other family members decided the woman would be better off in a nursing home, Akins said.

According to Akins, Probate Judge Sheri Blevins granted rights to those family members who have since placed the woman in professional care. That decision is under appeal.

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Elderly Arizona Woman Makes Strikes toward Getting Her House Back

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Elderly AZ Woman Makes Strikes Toward Getting Her House Back

The 78-year-old woman moved into the assisted living home last October, after a bad fall.

One month later, Pauline Balseiro gave away her north Phoenix house to the owner of that assisted living home. Within two months, police say the owner, Maria Barbu, forged two $2,500 checks from the older woman’s accounts, payable to her business.

But first, she wants the elderly woman to pay her for work she had done after taking over the house.

“It would be unjust …,” Barbu’s attorney wrote in court documents, “to allow (Pauline) to obtain the premises without payment for the renovations that (the Barbus) paid for with their personal funds.”

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