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Elder abuse by Scott Phipps: Victim denied contact with advocate Diane Wilson

There is a 91-year old woman by the name of Elinor Frerichs who is currently locked away in Lakeside Park, a locked dementia facility in Oakland, California. She is under the abusive guardianship of Scott Phipps, a conservator who denies Elinor almost all visitation and phone calls. His website states that he “followed a spiritual path” and “entered McCormick Theological Seminary and graduated with a Masters of Divinity.” He then worked as a minister for six years. It is beyond my comprehension how a person who is supposedly “spiritual” becomes a member of the National Guardianship Association; he then goes on to become an abusive guardian.

Mary Giordano, the elder care attorney who kidnapped my mother from her beloved home and imprisoned her in a nursing home against her will is a member of the Catholic Charities Volunteer Lawyer Initiative and the Trustee of St. Peter of Alcantara Church, Port Washington, New York. She is also a commissioner of the Port Washington Garbage District.

It is painful to know that some of the same people who are abusing our elderly parents and loved ones are the same church-going members and ministers of our community churches, the same people pretending to be “spiritual” while they kidnap, abuse, isolate and drug the elderly against their will. Using religion as a cover while committing dastardly deeds is despicable.

Elder rights advocates across the country are watching the unfolding case of elder abuse by Oakland, California conservator Scott Phipps of Phisco Fiduciary. Phipps’ conservatee Elinor Frerichs (91) is unlawfully imprisoned and isolated at Lakeside Park, a locked dementia facility.

Phipps and Lakeside Park allow Elinor no visitors and no phone calls. Elinor is denied contact with family, friends, and elder rights advocates. She has no way to retain legal counsel to represent her interests. Elinor is alert, oriented, and despairs of having no one who can engage in intelligent conversation at the “booby hatch.”

Elder rights advocate Diane Wilson (daughter of elder abuse victim Dorothy Wilson) contacted Scott Phipps to ask for visits and phone calls with Elinor. Wilson identified herself as a member of the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse (NASGA). Phipps’ response would indicate that he is in favor of guardian (conservator) abuse

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