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by Diane Wilson

September 25, 2012

It is so hard to believe that there are so many abusive guardianships in America. I would like to believe that once you expose corruption and violations of the law, that immediate steps are taken to correct it; that the victims are given their God given rights back and every penny stolen from them is reimbursed, plus. However, for some strange reason, it appears to be “legal” to enslave innocent people; strip them of their civil and humanitarian rights; pillage and plunder and steal their estates; kidnap and incarcerate them against their will; isolate them from family, friends and loved ones; give them psychotropic drugs; perform needless surgeries on them; ruin their credit; sell all of their personal possessions including their jewelry and clothing down to their underwear; even telling them what they can and can’t eat.

Do you think this is fiction? See the stories of Gary Harvey, Ginger Franklin, Jewel Tinnon, Dorothy Wilson, Dorothy Partch. Just read the NASGA website and so many others. Wake up America. They will be ringing your doorbell next if we all don’t rise up against this as one voice.

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Dorothy Wilson- Stolen By New York Guardian

Talk Show Radio

Marti Oakley is an internet radio talk show host on blog talk radio called the TRUTH SQUAD, which exposes corruption. Linda Kincaid is the Senior Issues Examiner for She writes about the abuse of the elderly and corruption of the system.

I was asked to join the show on Sunday evening, September 23, 2012 to tell Mom’s story. Jack Halpern, a professional in the elder field with more than 38 years of experience joins me. His website is

Jim Fargiano, author and inspirational speaker, who has authored many articles about Mom’s story joined the call also. Jim spoke about how he visited with Mom and documented her unhappiness with her incarceration in the nursing home.  His website is


Geratric Care Manager Sam Rausman and Abusive Guardianship

Mary Garofalo does an excellent job reporting the abusive guardianship of the elderly. Here is a geriatric care manager, Sam Rausmann, who was the abusive guardian of Esta Varrone. He locked her up in a nursing home and locked her out of her apartment! Esta told this reporter that Sam refused to allow her to have her bras, underwear and winter coat. This is  the same thing that happened to my Mom. She was not allowed to have her own underwear or winter coat. What is the reason for this??     

In Mom’s case, geriatric “care” manager Anne Recht of AMRecht Assoc in Plainview, NY, billed Mom thousands of dollars for pouring her meds in addition to other charges……and recommended to Judge Joel Asarch that Mom live in an assisted living facility and a nursing home, despite the fact that Mom emphatically told her she did not want to go. What kind of geriatric “care” manager would do that to an elderly person that they are supposed to care about? This new business, in my opinion, is just another way to steal money from the elderly.    

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