Seal of New York.

Seal of New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New York Penal Law – ARTICLE 135

Section 135.00 Unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping and custodial
                 interference; definitions of terms.
        135.05 Unlawful imprisonment in the second degree.
        135.10 Unlawful imprisonment in the first degree.
        135.15 Unlawful imprisonment; defense.
        135.20 Kidnapping in the second degree.
        135.25 Kidnapping in the first degree.
        135.30 Kidnapping; defense.
        135.35 Labor Trafficking
        135.36 Labor Trafficking; accomplice.
        135.45 Custodial interference in the second degree.
        135.50 Custodial interference in the first degree.
        135.55 Substitution of children.
        135.60 Coercion in the second degree.
        135.65 Coercion in the first degree.
        135.70 Coercion; no defense.
        135.75 Coercion; defense.

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