Keep Marise in Her Home


Keep Marise in her Home is a Facebook page started by Julie London Ferguson in her desperate attempt to save her mother, Marise, who is currently and wrongfully under the guardianship of Lutheran Services. Why? For money…if there was none, these people would be nowhere near her. Should these strangers be guardians of this beautiful sweet woman? Of course not, but our judicial system is so incredibly corrupt that the removal of an individual’s freedom happens in the blink of an eye.  

I was raised Lutheran and my Mom attended St. David’s Lutheran Church in Massapequa Park every week. I wrote and called my mother’s pastor begging for his help to save her from the abusive guardianship she was locked in. I asked for help in getting her out of the assisted living facility and nursing homes she was locked up in. He refused to help. I wrote to Lutheran Services and asked for help. They ignored both my letter and phone call.  At the time, I was unaware that they were part of the problem.

I am ashamed of what people do in the name of a religion I respected and believed in. The Lutheran Services of America states on their website that their core values are as follows:

LSA’s Core Values are:

  • We are guided by God’s call to love and serve our neighbors.
  • We honor all with dignity and respect, recognizing the diversity of people, communities and ideas.
  • We are responsible stewards of resources and relationships.
  • We pursue innovative solutions to complex problems facing members and society.

How can this corporation possibly state all of this when they are complicit in taking away the God-given rights of other human beings? When a person or corporation claims they “honor all with dignity and respect”, then their behavior needs to be ethical and they must comply with the laws. One of those laws states that where there is a willing and capable family member then they need to allow that family member to be guardian and/or co-guardian and not fight that individual. They have no right to put a loving and truthful daughter of the person they claim they are helping on the defensive. They have no right to state without facts and without merit that Marise’s daughter, Julie, is not willing or capable to care for her Mom. Any negative comments that the paid staff is saying is not the truth. Why are they trying to distract from the main issue by trying to throw a loving family member under the bus? It is against the compliances of a non-profit to hang onto Marise. She needs to be living with her daughter who is more than willing, able and capable of caring for her mother. 

Please listen to Julie tell her story on Sarasota Talk Radio.

This is a Facebook post by Julie London Ferguson August 8, 2014.

I was happy to get the opportunity to see my Mom twice yesterday. Early in the morning and later at night. When you do a radio program, you have to go back in time and relive a lot of the nightmare. One thing I didn’t mention on the show was not important, but I’ll mention it here. During the Guardianship test that I took and passed, the instructor was an attorney from the notoriously bad Pinellas County section. When he talked about inventory, he actually was ‘giddy’ when describing a stamp collection that was found in an elder man’s home. He was talking about how to value it. Of course he was happy – that stamp collection was going to pay HIS fees and the Guardian’s. Not be passed down in a family. This is why guardianships are called: Transfers of Wealth. My Mom’s paintings are inventory. Guardians raid people’s homes to get out valuables or do ‘inventory’. It is an extremely frightening process for the confused elderly person. Mom’s nest egg (in the five figures) that she saved so she’d be taken care of in her elderly years was gone in a week. Can you imagine how frightened we’d be to have a LOT of people forcing their way into your home – locks being changed – and people rifling through all your things? I remember the guardian telling Mom to sign for the $25.00 she was going to give her. This was after I told my lawyer that Mom had NO money for months. (Of course I spent my and my husband’s own $$’s…now in the thousands for Mom.) Mom stated: “Let me understand this…You want me to sign for my own money? No way.” I questioned how people declared incapacitated sign for their own money. Anyway, that’s what we learned in class. Family – with a history of trying to PROTECT a parent’s money…with a history of paying bills ON TIME, family members named Power of Attorneys and want to take care of their own parent should be able to. Anything less is a crime to humanity and our most vulnerable citizens. Instead of seeing our elderly as brave souls who have weathered life’s storms and deserve respect, the bad see them as ‘cash cows’. I believe that is why once in a guardianship, they never get out. No one gets out.


About Diane Wilson

Guardianship must be abolished. This draconian law strips human beings of their civil and humanitarian rights. It is used as a method to dispose of the elderly and disabled, steal their estates, and isolate them from their loved ones.

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  1. We had a court hearing on 11/21/14 in Pensacola, FL for what we feel is inappropriate billing by the lawyers and Guardian. The Guardians Lawyer postponed it because they need to bring in a professional witness @ $5,000 that was our Judges mentor. My mother pays for all of this. Bottom line if there is abuse and you try to expose it you are abused even more. The SYSTEM is a SCAM…..

  2. I know both Julie and Diane very well. Although both of their stories are outrageously painful to read, and even seemingly incomprehensible to believe, I assure you all horrible circumstances they’re relating are not only true, are rapidly becoming common occurrences throughout our so-called “free” country.
    Guardianship, and all it entails, is very possibly the biggest,
    most hugely corrupt, scandalous, criminal entity of
    organized, legal, yes lawless extortion and human trafficking in America!!!
    I’ve personally read or viewed many hundreds of comparable stories that depict very similar scenarios and event that demonstrate an undeniable pattern

    • Sorry, I had techical problems commenting…
      What I want to say is that I’ve also been a victim of my loved one being kidnapped and incarcerated into this evil, hideous system. I have little to no hope to ever see her again after 2 years. All I care about now is helping others by spreading this urgent message to as many people as possible so they can have a chance to avoid such a demise. I also seek justice and any means to put an end to what I believe is our American Holocaust. Thank you.

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