An Open Letter to David L. Moss

I was going to send this email to David L. Moss, the attorney who “will now provide no-charge case evaluation to landlords in NYC for Article 81 Guardianship Proceedings.” However, I was told that it was likely he wouldn’t care, and after reading his PR piece about what he is doing, I realized that was probably true. In my opinion, anyone who promotes their business teaching landlords, for the sake of evicting tenants, how to start guardianship proceedings  against an individual, is not going to care about a letter from me. So I decided to post it here. Hopefully, others will speak up as well and let David L. Moss and Associates know how they feel about what he is doing.

by Diane Wilson

January 4, 2014

Dear Mr. Moss,

I just read an article about how you and your law firm will now provide “no-charge case evaluation to landlords in NYC for Article 81 Guardianship Proceedings for landlords. ”

To say I was sickened is putting it mildly. As a lawyer, I know you are well aware of how guardianship destroys people’s lives. It takes away their rights, their freedom, their estates, their right to vote, their right to marry; everything you, as an officer of the law, should be protecting.

I applied for guardianship to protect my mother from my siblings, who wanted to sell her home and put her in a nursing home. I promised her that would never happen. I was completely unaware of the corruption in our judicial system when I innocently went to court to try to protect her. A stranger was appointed by the court and in a little over two years, she systematically destroyed her life. She kidnapped my Mom, imprisoned her in a nursing  home and left her penniless. My beautiful mother died two months later from the stress, frightened to death that she would never be free again.

Do you honestly believe one person should have control over another person’s life, telling them what to do, where to live, what to eat, who they can visit? Do you honestly believe that this is God’s will? Do you honestly believe that one individual should be given the right to steal someone’s possessions and every dollar to their name? Would you like to be guardianized, Mr. Moss? Would you like someone to do that to your mother, your daughter, your son, your friends? Guardianship abuse is all about power and greed, a way to make money by stealing it from an innocent human being.

Please see my Facebook page, SAVE Dorothy Wilson Legally Kidnapped, and feel free to peruse this website I created in honor of my mother, and read the horror stories of lives destroyed by guardianship. Please be sure to read the comments posted under your PR story,

I do hope you will rethink what you are doing. I do hope your conscience will bother you enough to stop you from destroying innocent people’s lives.


Diane Wilson
NASGA Member
Daughter of Dorothy Wilson


About Diane Wilson

Guardianship must be abolished. This draconian law strips human beings of their civil and humanitarian rights. It is used as a method to dispose of the elderly and disabled, steal their estates, and isolate them from their loved ones.

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  1. Guardianship Abuse around the world is spreading like wildfire! Everybody involved should be forewarned; you’ll be meeting your maker too someday. You know right from wrong, so who is kidding who. Try sitting back and letting somebody come in and legally kidnap your loved ones? Than get back to me on how legal this whole system is! There are no words for creatures such as yourself who prey on vulnerable people for pure GREED!

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