Another Elderly Victim of Judge Joel Asarch

When I read this story posted by an anonymous person regarding the former Judge Joel Asarch, it sounded just too familiar. Asarch appointed a guardian and a geriatric care manager who “squandered tens of thousands of dollars” of her mother’s money “in added legal fees as well as not taking common-sense steps to protect her assets”… 

This was their MO, this is how they did business… this is what they did to my Mom, Kevin Kelly’s grandfather and many others that I am aware of. Joel Asarch is now deceased. Will it end with his death? Or are there other judges in Nassau county that will continue this same practice of abuse of the elderly, allowing corrupt attorneys and geriatric care managers to destroy the lives of innocent people so they can line their own pockets with the hard-earned money and assets of people they are supposed to protect?      

Joel Asarch has caused irreparable physical, emotional and financial damage to my family in our mother’s Guardianship case as a direct result of his lack of integrity and lack of compassion. It isn’t too far a stretch to imagine that when he saw there were substantial assets belonging to my mother, who had recently been widowed and is completely incapacitated due to dementia, he saw an opportunity to exploit our family – to “share the wealth” with his friends and cronies, perhaps people he owes favors to or who might have something to offer him in exchange. We all know politics is rife with corruption. I had naively believed that the judicial system might still have good guys. Had my mother been left without a sizeable estate to support her, I have no doubt that my sister and I would be her Guardians, as we have petitioned. I am an RN, living within a ten minute drive from my mother, and my sister is a successful businesswoman. Legal precedent states that when a family member or members are willing and able to care for an incapacitated relative, the court is mandated to award guardianship to the family member(s). Joel Asarch has opted instead to appoint an Independent Guardian (a lawyer) and a Geriatric Care Manager to control my mother’s person and possessions. They have squandered tens of thousands of dollars of my mother’s money in added legal fees as well as not taking common-sense steps to protect her assets; Even more painful to my sister and I is that they failed to provide the protection my mother needed when in a dangerous situation, despite my having left several messages in their voice mail warning them of the situation.

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About Diane Wilson

Guardianship must be abolished. This draconian law strips human beings of their civil and humanitarian rights. It is used as a method to dispose of the elderly and disabled, steal their estates, and isolate them from their loved ones.

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  1. Mr/Mrs. Cohen,
    Please tell me what attorney you used. I am happy that your disabled son was treated fairly & hopefully he is with you, exactly where he belongs!

    I had the total opposite outcome with my disabled son. After a family member filed a false report of abuse, a group of attorneys all worked together, along with Judge Asarch, to strip me as guardian and trustee of my son. There was no abuse found; the reports showed that. But guess what? Judge Asarch refused to allow that as evidence.

    The motivating factor? Greed, what else? Money, money, money. My son is now rotting away in a motel not fit for a human. I have been fighting with every beat of my heart to save him.

    Judge Asarch, in his innate wisdom, appointed an out of state guardian who now has him on approximately 15 medications. Transient aides are the only constant in his life. My son had so much potential; he was in school; he had therapy in our handicapped accessible home everyday; a family who loved him unconditionally.

    First they put him in a group home, then twice into a nursing home for hospice, alzhiemers & dementia patients. This is not where an 18 year old disabled child belongs. He belongs with his family.

    After intensive investigations by two New York State agencies, it was documented & determined that my son was well cared for by me. Asarch ignored the findings, would not allow the evidence, the proof. My son’s pediatricians feel it is only a matter of time before his health deteriorates even more. I am running against the clock.

    In addition, Asarch banned witnesses from testifying, letters from professionals & people who spent much time in our home.

    If you have some advice, some resources, an honest and ethical attorney, please reach out to me before it’s too late. PLEASE, as a mother, share with me anything that could help. Your story is completely different from all the other families who went before Judge Asarch. How did it happen that he did the right thing by your son? Was it a personal connection you had with him? Can you help me?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide,


    • Hi Sheryl,

      Your story is heartbreaking, not unlike so many other people I have spoken to whose lives have been ruined by this judge.

      I received your complete story the other day and I cannot even begin to tell you how sorry I am for the abuse you suffered. What happened to your son should bot happen to a dog. There is no one looking out for him; it is heartbreaking as a mother to see a child in that condition. It is obvious those attorneys are going through all of the money as quickly as they can. That is what it is always all about.

      The attorney that verbally abused you and threatened you, what is his problem? No one has the right to do that. That is bullying; it is illegal, but you and I both know that the Nassau county courts are full of illegal actions. The fact that Asarch allowed it though, does not surprise me. I was treated the same way in his courtroom; lies, lies, lies. It seemed to me he enjoyed listening to people tearing others apart; just my observation.

      Hopefully the Cohens will share their secret with you. I am saying prayers for you and your son.


  2. Mr. and Mrs. Cohen,

    It is heartening to hear that Judge Asarch did the right thing regarding the guardianship of your disabled son. I am happy to hear that your family did not suffer anything like the three year legal battle my mother and I had to endure, which resulted in her kidnapping, imprisonment and ultimate death. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have a connection via family or friends; perhaps there was no family dissension; perhaps the lawyers involved were ethical and honest. From what I have been told by so many lawyers and clerks and paralegals in the legal community who knew Judge Asarch, he was once a very nice and highly respected judge. That wasn’t the case for me and many, many others whose lives were destroyed in his courtroom. So what happened? I don’t know. Power and greed corrupts people. It’s happening all over the country in virtually every courtroom in America. Take a look at the heartbreaking stories on NASGA,

    I don’t see how he can rest in peace after what he did.

  3. judge as arch ONLY did the right thing re: the guardianship of our disabled son. may he rest in peace.

  4. Diane, I am aware of this story and hope to receive more information soon. It seems that there is a connection to some of the same “thieves” whose names were connected to your mother’s civil rights violations and kidnapping that falls under the federal statutes we discussed.

    Hopefully, the interim Judge will not be as greedy and blind to justice as the one he took over for.

    • What they say is true, theives do run in packs. They appear to all work together for the “higher good” of themselves.

      It will be interesting to see what the interim judge does, especially since he is being so closely watched.

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