Guardianship in DC is all about the money

The number of stories about guardianship/elder abuse is simply mind-boggling. This guardian attorney, Christine Forbes in Washington, DC,  changed the locks on the door of this woman’s house to stop her daughter from her daily visits. This is what her website states:


First, happiness;
Second, safety;
Third, money.

   We litigate against the bad guys: 

  • Against those who have taken advantage of the vulnerable

How is Christina Forbes making Jenny happy by not allowing her to see her daughter? How is her safety being monitored when her refrigerator is locked and she is not allowed to have food except when the guardian allows it? As for the money, does Christina Forbes mean she is making “judicious use of Jenny’s money”?

Mary Giordano, the attorney/guardian with Franchina and Giordano in Garden City, NY claimed she was making “judicious use” of my mother’s money. How then, did she manage to spend over $350,000 in less than two years time? Was Mom’s 30 day forced stay in an assisted living facility, at a cost of $53,000 a “judicious use” of Mom’s money? And why didn’t Judge Asarch, Nassau County Supreme Court, Mineola, NY, question that amount when in writing he was told that the forced stay would only cost $4,000?      

In my opinion, I believe the connections these attorneys have with Supreme Court judges allows them to commit fraud and get away with criminal activities and abuse of the most vulnerable members of our society.    

Ninety-one year old Jenny Horace is the face of “guardianship” in Washington, DC. Jenny is not allowed to see her daughter. She is held prisoner in her own home. Her refrigerator is kept locked, and she is only allowed to eat at the convenience of her “guardian.”. Jenny’s daughter Laura Francois-Eugene contributed the following comments.

It’s all about the money!

My 91-year-old mother, Jenny Horace, has been in decline for the past few years. Hence, my daily habit of visiting her home in Washington, DC after I get off work at 4:30 p.m. I often put in 10- or 12-hour days as a Program Manager for the federal government, and wouldn’t mind going straight home at the end of my shift. But I like to check-in on my mother first, and make sure she has enough food on hand, and tend to anything else she may need.

Usually these visits are a matter of routine. I have a key to the front door, let myself in and typically find her in the kitchen eating a light dinner she’s prepared, or snoozing in the glare of her living room TV set, or perhaps even in bed.

But the evening of Thursday, April 26, 2012 was different. Significantly, upsettingly different.

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About Diane Wilson

Guardianship must be abolished. This draconian law strips human beings of their civil and humanitarian rights. It is used as a method to dispose of the elderly and disabled, steal their estates, and isolate them from their loved ones.

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