Dollars for Doctors : How Industry Money Reaches Physicians

This is an excellent website. If you want to see if your doctor is receiving money from drug companies to push their products, you can search this website. Until three years ago, the payments drug companies made to our health care workers and physicians were trade secrets. As pressure from lawmakers, or as a condition of settling whistle-blower lawsuits, several companies started reporting what they were paying out. 

This site makes it easy to see why we pay such a ridiculous amount for prescription drugs and why certain doctors push certain drugs, even when they know the side effects. It appears that some doctors are “giving up” this lucrative side business for fear that their patients might think that their “opinions” might be  biased. In addition to being paid for speaking, their expenses for travel, meals, “research” and consulting were paid for as well!!   

Company 2010 Speaker Payments 2010 U.S. Sales
Lilly $61,477,547 $14.3 billion
GlaxoSmithKline $52,755,793 $13.6 billion
Pfizer $34,382,574 $26.2 billion
AstraZeneca $31,647,101 $18.3 billion
Merck $20,365,446 $18.8 billion
Johnson & Johnson $11,712,900 $12.9 billion
Cephalon $4,241,080 $2.1 billion
ViiV Healthcare $3,975,102 Unavailable

Dollars for Docs

Drug companies have long kept secret details of the payments they make to doctors and other health professionals for promoting their drugs. But 12 companies have begun publicizing the information, some because of legal settlements. ProPublica pulled their disclosures into a database so patients can search for their doctor. Accepting payments isn’t necessarily wrong, but it can raise ethical issues.

Click the above link to find your doctor….


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  1. You are so welcome! I am not going to a doctor who accepts money to push their products despite the known side effects. These doctors are paid for travel, speeches, meals!!! And research…would that be us, theri patients, being used as guinea pigs?

  2. I found my doctor on here! Thanks for this eye opener!

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