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The Gary Harvey Case: Fighting for his freedom from Chemung County

For those of you who are not familiar with the case of Gary Harvey, Gary is a veteran who suffered an accident in his home which resulted in a head injury. He has since been under the abusive guardianship of Chemung County. The following article details everything that has transpired since that time. 

“Follow the money” and you will see why Chemung County refuses to let go of their stranglehold on this man, and why they are refusing to allow his wife, Sara, to take care of him at home. 

As you read this, the obvious shenanigans of politics and the good ol’ boys club are glaringly obvious, not to mention all of the laws that have been broken. However, those who have broken the law are not being held accountable. Why not?

The government programs and agencies that have been put in place by our politicians to protect the elderly and disabled are just fluff. They only work for a certain few; they do not work when there is an opportunity for judges and lawyers and nursing homes and hospitals to obtain millions of dollars in government funds at the expense of the individual and their loved ones.         

The horrific nightmare that is the life of Sara and Gary Harvey could happen to any one of us or our loved ones at any time. It is time to take a stand and do something about it. After all, America is the land of the free…or is it?   

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A Veteran Denied: The Gary Harvey Case

“My husband a veteran who served his country and fought for our freedom is being denied his.” – Sara Harvey

Sara and Gary Harvey before tragedy struck.
Sara and Gary Harvey before tragedy struck.

(HORSEHEADS, NY) – The following is information is a lengthy legal document that reveals the frustrating story of an American who has been denied the opportunity to live a healthy life due to decisions that he had nothing to do with.

We have written about Gary Harvey in the past and the efforts of his brave wife Sara and team of supporters trying to bring him justice.

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